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Quinoa simple life

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For the elderly: quinoa is rich in various mineral elements such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, etc. These mineral elements have the effect of preventing high blood pressure, protecting the cardiovascular, lowering the serum cholesterol, and preventing osteoporosis. Quinoa gi is almost the lowest in all grains, quinoa is rich in trace elements participate in more than 300 kinds of enzyme activity, and one of the enzymes involved in the use of glucose and insulin secretion in the body, studies confirm that regularly eating quinoa will reduce the occurrence of type 2 diabetes
  For infants and young children: quinoa is not gluten free, especially for children with celiac disease. For infants who have just eaten a supplementary meal, quinoa can reduce the incompatibility of infants and infants, reduce diarrhoea, eczema, and tinea, and provide comprehensive nutrition. The surface of quinoa contains saponins, insects are not eaten, so there is no need to worry about pesticide residues, no worries about the dangers of hormones, antibiotics, melamine, etc. Quinoa has the tenacity to stimulate the children's gums, promote tooth development, and keep the teeth aligned.